The reason why VPN is important for online safety

Technology and the internet are good for various reasons. However, they are also  vulnerable to undesired activities such as hacking to access classified information. Cybersecurity is a concern and should be a concern for everyone who uses the internet regularly. Manjula Sridhar is a technology expert in cybersecurity and she discusses protection against cybercrime. Did you know that your internet service provider (ISP) can access & view online activities?  Two important security tools are two-factor authentication (2FA) and virtual private network. VPN is important to keep your browsing activities private.

Cybersecurity is a concern for governments, law enforcement or just about anyone uses the internet and handles delicate information. There are various ways to increase your online security and protect yourself against hackers and one of them is using a VPN.

Manjula Sridhar discusses the importance of online security and ways to avoid being vulnerable to cyber-attacks. She talks about two methods namely two-factor authentication (2FA) and why VPN is important. With two-factor authentication, the user provides two different security verification to increase online security. An example is providing password and fingerprints.

Virtual Private Network is a secure connection between you and your browser which prevents the ISP or hacker to have access to privileged browsing information. Without the VPN, the ISP has access to delicate information which can be used to harm you. VPN is really important because you access the internet through the VPN service provider. It keeps your actual location private by changing the IP address (actual browsing location). Watch the video on being safe online.

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