The Prathibha Sastry Show

The PS Show started as contextual channel to accompany women on a journey of self-realisation and happiness, has been designed to evolve PEP platform

Videos on Health

  • Health

Health is wealth says a wise old saying. It can’t be any truer in today’s busy and digital life. As the world shrinks to your palm, we attempt to bring you all the wealth from around the world be it debunking the myths surrounding women’s ‘icky private issues’ or getting you started with Tai Chi. All about this on The PS Show.

  • Spirituality and Mental Health

A sound mind and a sound body go hand in hand. Connect yourself with something bigger than you and watch spirituality blossom within you. As someone beautifully put it, ‘Spirituality is not a religion, being spiritual just means you are in touch with your own divine self’.

Videos on Career

At the PS Show created by Prathibha Sastry, we realize opportunities are like sunrises. We don’t want you to miss them lest you wait till the next. We bring to you passionate people from a variety of vocations and show you how they built a career and overcame hurdles.

  • Entrepreneurship and Startups

Listen to entrepreneurial men and women share, not just their success stories, but what it takes to reach there. The heart-to-heart conversations attempt to bring out the face, the voice and the emotions behind any entrepreneurial venture that would go untold otherwise.

Videos on Wealth

Seasons come and go but our vision remains. A compilation of our past interviews and the knowledge we have gathered for you, one interview at a time. Want to know how to save and manage money

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