Startup 101 Hiring Series – Challenge of finding Tech Co-founder


Pallav Nadhani talks about ways to find a suitable tech co-founder for your startup. This is someone who will be in charge of the technological aspects of the business. Hence, it is wise to find an appropriate person. He compares finding the right cofounder with finding the right life partner. You don’t ask anyone to be your spouse, therefore, you should be as selective about a cofounder.

The person you choose to be your tech co-founder should be someone you have work experience with. It can be someone you went to college with or someone who has been your colleague. Otherwise, someone who has been your employee before can be promoted to the role of cofounder.

It is important to find the right person because running a startup has its highs and lows. You need someone who will stick by you and the business through thick and thin. Therefore, approaching a random person because they are good at technology isn’t the best idea. In addition, the cofounder has to complement your brand, someone whom you know their strength and weaknesses. Also, you need someone whom you can fight with and still be able to work well together.

Pallav Nadhani is a Cofounder and CEO at FusionCharts and a CEO at Collabion. With more than 10 years of experience, he knows the importance of selecting the right team.  FusionCharts builds software that helps developers to analyse and visualize data. The software has been downloaded more than a million times. Collabion is also dedicated to enhancing data visualization on any device for MicrosoftShare products.

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