Promo- A Health Series on Wellness, Diet and Nutrition

Audio Credits – “Infiltration From Within” by NHGMusic  Remixed to suit the video

A Health Series by Health Guru is all about wellness, Nutrition and Diet that is required for you to maintain good health. This series has broken down all the day to day diet requirements that we need. Right from how to prevent osteoporosis to what is the good composition of the meals that we take. How often do we need to fast or is fish is really good.

Watch this – A Health Series by Ravi Mantha on The PS Show. He is a health writer and activist. He has spent several years researching the latest advances in health and the human body. “All About Bacteria and Your Health” promotes alternative health backed by scientific research. He brought together two concepts that were until now seen as incompatible.

Ravi is deeply concerned about the environment, sustainable agriculture, sanitation and clean water for the world’s poor, and in equality of opportunity for all. At the same time, he strongly believes  in the benefits of science and technology. Thy can be immense when harnessed for good.

Health Guru and Healer, Author of Baby Elephant Diet and All About Bacteria takes us on this journey for our well being.

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