Benefits of the noble cause of donating Blood

Ravi has donated blood for 90 times. He talks about  the noble cause of donating blood. About how donating blood is ideal for the health of donors as well as individuals who want it. There are health benefits of donating blood regularly.

Blood donation saves life and is a truly noble and compassionate act. Thanks to volunteering and without any financial benefits, such as guidance in Europe, blood donation is one of the most generous and humane gestures I can imagine. This gesture is within reach of almost all of us.

Benefits –

It stimulates the production of blood cells.
Blood donation helps reduce the risk of heart attack and cancer.
Blood donation, burns calories and helps with weight loss.
Blood donation helps maintain a healthy liver.
It prevents hemochromatosis and helps maintain iron levels.
You can save someone’s life by donating blood.

In this video,  Ravi Mantha is discussing the effects of noble cause of donating Blood.

Ravi Mantha is deeply concerned about the environment, sanitation and clean water for the world’s poor, and equal opportunities for all. At the same time, he firmly believes in the advantages of science and technology. They can be immense when it is used for the benefits of others.

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