The three different types of Entrepreneurs


Lets talk about different kinds of Entrepreneurs. So what kind of Entrepreneur are you? – A surfer, voyager or a fisherman.

Surfers cannot work for any company. In principle, it is not possible to rent a job. They are intelligent, argued, without BS, additive, sometimes arrogant. They will introduce the system. When they build their business, they wash their cars to keep them.

Voyager generally have a good career. They are clever, have a good ride, generally perform well, play well together. They usually know something about their field that others don’t know. They will make money soon. They are sure, but they set up companies because they can raise money.

Fisherman is everyone else. They’re smart, maybe in college or just outside college, they read a lot of TechCrunch, they watch a lot of Steve Jobs. On the day they can penetrate the iPhone app, they will want to start a company. They think they’re excited about something, usually cool. They will build and patiently wait for users.

In this video, Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan is talking about the three different types of entrepreneurs. Rajan has come up with a theory, what do you think.

Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan has helped more than 100 founders build their v1 & v2 products. He helped a handful in their mergers and acquisitions.

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