Its official – Coffee is good for Health

Coffee is enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Are there health benefits to drinking coffee? Therfeore So what kind of coffee do you drink and how much of it is good. 

Coffee has alsobeen blamed for many ailments – from stunting your growth to causing heart disease. More recent research shows that this can have a beneficial effect on health. Recent studies have found no association between coffee and an increased risk of heart disease or cancer.

Some studies have found a link between occasional consumption and a discount in overall mortality. Though this could not apply to younger those who drink large amounts of coffee. Why the obvious turning point in thinking about coffee? Previous studies showed that Coffee does not give birth to any kind of high risk behaviours.

Coffee can have health benefits including protection against Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes and liver disease. Coffee appears to improve cognitive function and reduce the risk of depression.

In this video,  Ravi Mantha is talking about the benefits of coffee in the people’s lives.

Ravi Mantha is a health writer and activist. He spent several years researching the latest advances in health and the human body. “All concerning bacterium and your health” supports various health supported by research. He has collected two concepts that have so far been considered incompatible. Ravi is deeply concerned about the environment.

Health isn’t simply the absence of sickness, however the state of overall well-being. We’ve created a series of videos to discuss health topics to assist you keep healthy. You’ll notice it in “The PS Show” within the Health section.

Not just that, he is author of the book All about Bacteria and  Baby Elephant Diet

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