Best way to incorporate Baby Elephant Diet

What is Baby Elephant Diet and what are the main components. And what is the best way to incorporate the same in the regular day to day diet.

As described on Amazon – the baby elephant diet is not just about becoming slim; it is a guarantee to good health. debunking many of the modern myths and misconceptions surrounding food, this book shows us how to be fit even while eating more. a mustread for weight watchers, fitness enthusiasts and those battling lifestyle diseases.

You can read more about the diet in this book The Baby Elephant Diet: A Modern Indian Guide To Eating Right

Ravi Mantha, A foodie in addition to being a health guru, author Ravi recommends neither starvation nor bland food for good health and shedding weight. His easy to follow suggestions on what to eat, and what to eat less of, will remarkably improve our health and wellbeing without compromising on taste. as the title suggests, the author maintains that the baby elephant’s preferred food, fibre, should form the most important component of our diet.

Ravi is deeply concerned about the environment, sustainable agriculture, sanitation and clean water for the world’s poor, and in equality of opportunity for all. At the same time, he strongly believes in the benefits of science and technology. Thy can be immense when harnessed for good.

You can watch the Health series for more such tips.

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