Is it a good idea to drink Juices in the morning

Is it a good idea to drink Juices in the morning? Isn’t that the first thing that we have with breakfast first thing in the morning. Orange juices and other kinds of juices are the most popular. So what kind of juice have you been drinking in the morning? And is that a good idea?

The problem is that most fruit juices are high in sugar and can lead to cardiometabolic disorders. For example, pineapple juice contains 12.4 grams of sugar per serving (half a cup). The same amount of orange juice provides more than 10 grams of sugars.

However, your morning juice is getting healthier than coke, cocktails and caffeine drinks. If you are on a diet or trying to reduce sugar, choose vegetable juices. Compared to fruit juice, they have a lower carbohydrate and calorie content and are suitable for most foods. It is more important to have the pulp for that contains fibre and that is the best part of the fruit.

In this video,  Ravi Mantha is discussing the effects of drinking juices in the morning.  He recommends eating the fruit rather than the juice.

Ravi Mantha is deeply concerned about the environment, sanitation and clean water for the world’s poor, and equal opportunities for all. At the same time, they firmly believe in the advantages of science and technology. You can be immense when it is used forever.

Proper nutrition is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we’ve created a series of videos to discuss different health topics to help you stay healthy. You can find it in “The PS Show” in the Health section.

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