Startup 101 Design Series – Expert advice on agency or in-house team

In-House employees are paid for living and breathing their brand and knowing how well they operate in the industry. They are also personally checked and selected according to your business, not from an external source. Which is better? agency or in-house team

At the agency, you need to do research and presentation to find the agency that best fits your schedule and goals. You may have to work with multiple boutique agencies and not one universal agency to get the results you want.

It depends entirely on your business. If you can afford to hire many people with different sets of skills – and have enough work for everyone – then the internal marketing team would be the best choice. If you only need one aspect, recruiting one internal employee also works. If you are looking to develop a complete marketing strategy from top to bottom, the agency may make more sense.

In this video, Jay Dutta is talking about Agency or In-House team.

For more than half a year, Jay Dutta founded the basics and developed UX’s practice in Adobe India – dedicated to a diverse range of Adobe products and digital platforms. JD has consistently built high-performance internal and design teams in corporates, customer, and consumer domains that have delivered millions of dollars of time-critical projects. And the joy of users.

Startup 101 is a series of videos about various ups and downs in the mature startup market. FAQs are answered by Founders, CEOs, Mentors, and those who are part of the Indian Startup Ecosystem. We have handpicked not just a few but hundreds of questions just for you. A definitive startup manual might be non-existent so therefore we have the FAQs covered.

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