What is SHe Box of PoSH Act 2013

What is SHe-Box

Full form of SHe Box is Sexual Harassment Electronic Box. This Sexual Harassment electronic Box (SHe-Box) is an effort of Government of India to provide a single window access to every woman. This is irrespective of her work status, whether working in organised or unorganised, private or public sector. It is to facilitate the registration of complaint related to sexual harassment.

Sohini Mandal talks about SHe-Box. 

Watch her interview with Prathibha Sastry here

What is the full form of PoSH

The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013, simply The POSH Act is superseded legislation of the Vishaka judgement. It is the long awaited and fast track law enacted by the Supreme Court for safeguarding women’s right to financial freedom and safe workplace.

What is PoSH Act of 2013

The earlier Vishaka guidelines provided a legal solution for sexual harassment of women at work place. But these were clearly not enough as women had to go all the way to the judiciary authorities to complain. The Posh Act, 2013 paved a faster solution by mandating management itself to ensure a safe working environment for women.

Sexual harassment at work place refers to unwelcome behaviour towards women often to intimidate or offend them. Moreover this behaviour is often very subtle. It includes not only physical but verbal advancements that make women uncomfortable. That is why the Posh Act clearly defines what all constitutes sexual harassment. Also this act broadly covers all the women, irrespective of her age or employment status, organised or unorganised sector and includes clients, customers and domestic workers as well.

Define PoSH Law

As a redressal measure, the POSH law mandates constitution of an Internal Compliance Committee (ICC) and Local Committee (LC for unorganised sectors) for every branch of organisation. They have to make sure that POSH is implemented effectively and employees are made aware about it and trained thereof.

Apart from all these, the Government of India has come up with quicker and efficient initiative like She-Box.  A sexual harassment Electronic (SHE) Box is a single window online compliant portal for sexual harassment facilitated by Government. This facility is for every woman who is dissatisfied with the diligence of her work place ICC. Further the complaint lodged in the portal will be redressed by respective jurisdictional officers and disposed promptly.

Does this act apply to men as well? What does management constitute under the POSH act? What are training and awareness programmes to be conducted by companies? Who is eligible to become a member of this ICC? What is procedure and time bar for complaints and redressal for employees and ICC respectively? What are the consequences in case of false allegations and non-compliance?

Sohini Mandal of Novojuris illustrates us about implementation of the POSH Act at Branch offices. She is an expert in Private equity, venture capital, M&A, Corporate and Commercial practices. Here she walks us through the journey of this bill from Vishaka guidelines, 1997 to The POSH Act, 2013.

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