Practical Tips on quality Diet of a Traveler

Traveling is one of the best things that you can do for your health. You can gain in far more ways when you get out on the road and visit new countries. But what about the diet of a traveler during these days.

In this video we discuss on the quality of a Diet of a Traveler. What should you be eating during your travels. With so much of our time spent in conferences or travelling across different part of the world, therefore what should we be eating. He is also explaining how to choose healthy food and avoid common eating errors during business trips.

Ravi Mantha is a health writer and activist. He has given years of his life researching the latest advances in the human body. His book “All About Bacteria” promotes alternative health backed by scientific research. He brought together two concepts that are until now seen as incompatible. He is Author of the book All about Bacteria and  Baby Elephant Diet

Health is a very important aspect of our life and it is necessary for us to know everything about it. That is why we have created a full series of videos in which we are discussing various Health-related topics which will help you stay healthy. You can find it in the health section of  “The PS Show”.

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