Powerful Tips on Financial Goals for Entrepreneurs


Profit making is the primary objective of any business. That is the reason Financial Goals for Entrepreneurs are very critical to any organisation. At the end of the day, the success of a company is defined in financial terms. Needless to say it is crucial to have clear-cut and practical financial goals. Goals act as a reality check to see how far we have come. Moreover founders are answerable to investors and others who have a financial stake in business

In this video Sangeetha explains how to achieve these financial goals. She teaches us about how to define, achieve and quantify them in given time frame. We can implement her simple acronyms in our journey and reach our desired financial goals. Watch videos on Profit Maximisation and Cash Management for Entrepreneurs.

Sangeeta Sumesh is primarily a Chartered Accountant and Management Accountant. Currently she is ED & CFO of Dun & Bradsheet Technologies. Apart from that she is also a high performance coach, an author, Start-up advisor and professional speaker.

She authored finance books ‘What the Finance’ and ‘A Glance at the Unknown’. She is rightly awarded the title of ‘India’s most influential women in finance’. Also Sangeeta encourages entrepreneurs by conducting workshops and coaching sessions. She loves to travel, and is a Olympic distance triathlete. She has spent a lot of time working with MNC’s.

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