The Trillion Dollar Opportunity in SaaS Business


India has an excellent position to resolve outstanding issues in the B2B SaaS – potentially. Virtually all makers of Indian SaaS products thrive on the international market and not in India.

The current size of the Indian IT industry is $ 167 billion, up 8% year over year. At this rate of growth, it will take us another 25 years and by 2042 to reach $ 1 trillion. This is because not all revenues are equal. Over the past 30-40 years, our country has built up deep expertise in virtually every vertical area. The credit goes to the boom of IT services. To become a global centre of SaaS, India needs to use this expertise.

Although India was not well located in the SaaS global space, it can be inspired by Chennai. The need for a mothership like Zoho in every city which can built like the Chennai SaaS model. The value created by the SaaS companies in the years has the opportunity to create the trillion dollar business that he is keen to help build.

In this video, Suresh Sambandam is talking about the Trillion Dollar opportunity in SaaS Business.

Suresh Sambandam  is the founder and chief operating officer of OrangeScape, a home-grown company giving SaaS solutions. OrangeScape, a cloud pioneer based in India, is one of 10 global platform-as-a-service (PaaS) companies. It has been featured in Gartner and Forrester reports. Suresh Sambandam has been an entrepreneur since the age of 19.

An organization which will earn $ one in revenue for fewer than $ one is  Value SaaS Business. Veeva, Zoho, Mail Chimp, Alessiani, BrowserStack, even Salesforce, are all SaaS worth start-ups. These start-ups are transfer over dollar one million ARR with less than dollar one million.

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