Promo on Customer Success Metrics that Matter


How do you know if your company is growing, stagnating or has a downward trend? Knowing where your company is very important. It helps you take steps to ensure that your company moves in the right direction. Customer health score is very important to any company to know if customer is happy or not. Thiat is what customer success all about.

The best way to analyse is to use the help of data points because the data never fooled. Important data points are maturity of product and number of customers you have. Your team choice should be best in order to get successful. Therefore, it is important that we focus on customer success metrics to help us decide customer needs.

For example, if you are a pilot and your plane is at a suitable height. Then you focus on speed, see if it’s optimum or not, and take action if speed isn’t optimal. However, if your aircraft is at a low altitude, then you should focus on altitude and not speed. In this case, if you only focus on speed, it can lead to an accident.

In this video, Charanya Rengarajan is discussing about the customer success metrices that actually matter.

Charanya Rengarajan is a scientist turned SaaS enthusiast. It helps start-up companies start up a team of successful customers. And it not only helps them to define incentives and goals. It also helps them determine KPIs in line with the organization’s business strategy.

Value SaaS Series focus on businesses that are on their way to the first million. They introduce or increase small external investments to generate recurring revenue. During this period iterates quickly to create a recurring revenue to scale to $ 10 million or more. They grow and prosper rapidly by accessing and deploying founder-owned capital.

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