How to get to Predictable Sales Cycle

Varun Jain talks about Predictable Sales Cycle. He discusses the process that he follows and why its an important part of building a capital efficient business. A sales cycle is a set of steps that sellers take to lead into a customer. This includes everything from surveying to ending sales. Sales cycles vary between companies and industries, but usually have a similar sequence of steps.

In a way, the predictable sales cycle is the heart of your company. This will turn people who have never heard of you into customers. This generates revenue, hires more sellers, builds your empire, and retires to your own private island.

Sellers need to know about their products, target customers, industry and the unique value their brand offers. Good preparation is that the foundation on that the remainder of the sales method is constructed.

Varun Jain is the co-founder of the SendX in Bengaluru, India.  SendX is one of the best email marketing platforms that aims to provide a great return on email investment to marketers by providing better email opening and conversion rates.

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