How did Appknox get to Recurring Revenue

In this video, Subho Haldar is discussing the plans of Appknox to create a recurring revenue. Appknox is a mobile security testing that detects and fixes mobile application vulnerabilities by automated tests.

This product is the most powerful solution for securing Plug and Play mobile applications. It is used by businesses around the world to detect threats in their applications in minutes. It is also listed on the Gartner Mobile App Security Testing Solution List. The best thing about Appknox is that it fits right into your current security strategy.

Subho Halder is Co-founder and CTO at Appknox. He has also been listed several times in different halls of fame in Google, Apple, Facebook etc.

Value SaaS Series focus on businesses that are on their way to the first million. They introduce or increase small external investments to generate recurring revenue. During this period it iterates quickly to create a recurring revenue to scale to $10 million or more. They grow and prosper rapidly by accessing and deploying founder-owned capital.

Organization that are able to make $1 of revenue through less than $1 of spend is a Value SaaS Business. Veeva, Zoho, MailChimp, Atlassian, BrowserStack, even SalesForce, are all Value SaaS startups – they made more than $1 Mn ARR with less than $1Mn in spend.

Value SaaS Series in association with Upekkha and supported by Chargebee



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