On Conflict between Sales and Customer Support Team

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What happens when there is Conflict between Sales and Customer Support person. If the Customer support is incentivized to sell. Are they then start selling or still only supporting? Sales and client service groups area unit usually at odds. And when they are – it’s your customer who suffers. You want sales to trust support and best support team for sales.

Each group have to be compelled to agree that finish goal is the same positive client expertise. When sales and client service groups have productive partnership, they can make exponential gains towards the goal.

Alignment between sales and client service begins with a recent perspective. Every team contributes to the client acquisition and development method. With developing a method, it is best for operating with customers across teams.

In this video Krish Subramanian is discussing about importance of Sales and customer support alignment.

Subramanian is the co-founder and CEO of Chargebee. In the past year, Krish has doubled the size of his company to 150 employees. And his plans don’t stop there: he wants to go beyond payments and power all aspects of a subscription relationship.

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