Dreaming big with AI and re-defining Sales


Artificial intelligence has been predicted for many years now. Especially through sci-fi movies, it’s actually happening now. We see it with Siri from Apple and Alexa from Amazon. We are seeing the navigation systems we have in our cars. We see this in air traffic control and in the large jets themselves. These all are possible by dreaming big with AI.

Elements that show the line between man and machine in terms of sales is a network sales system. This system clearly shows how sales take place in today’s digital network, at least at B2B level.

Network sales contain a number of factors that artificial intelligence could never do. How can a computer ever respect someone? How could trust build a human-machine? And how does the computer really feel and show empathy? These are clearly some of the sharp limitations of artificial intelligence.

In this video, Yamini Bhatt is discussing dreaming big with AI and Re-defining the sales.

Yamini Bhatt co-founded Vymo in 2013 to increase sales efficiency and has been managing the company as CEO. Previously, she was Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company, specializing in marketing strategy and sales and distribution. Yamini holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering at BITS Pilani and graduated from director’s IIM Bangalore

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