Good and Bad Customers by SaaS Entrepreneur

As a SaaS business you will end up attracting different types of customers. It is very important for you to identify between Good and Bad Customers.

In a startup sometimes you end up getting customers who will pay you lot of money. But their case could be spam and they could take so much support. You need to realise that these customers cannot lead to long term growth.

In SendX they stopped giving services to some customers. They did it because a major part of team was spending too much time on them. This was not beneficial for long term growth.

A good customer is the one who takes minimum support and gives honest feedback. A good customer never forces you to do things. A good customer conversation can help you to build the right product which can help you for long term.

In this video Varun Jain is talking about good and bad customers.

Varun jain is the co-founder of the Send x in Bengaluru, India.  SendX is one of the best email marketing platforms that aims to provide a great return on email investment to marketers by providing better email opening and conversion rates.

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