Changing Market Segment by an Entrepreneur

One of the most important parts of your business plan is market analysis. Find out what information you need to know about your potential customers. Here she is talking about how they went about changing the market segment for their product.

In the interview Shubhra Srivastava is talking about the journey of her startup GaragePlug. She is saying that they started GaragePlug in the Indian market. As they published their product for global market they started getting lot of traction from middle east and US. They didn’t expect that they will reach the global market so soon.

Few months back they noticed that two of their leads became paying customers within one week of sign up. At that moment they realised that this product can sell itself. They shifted their strategy towards the developed markets and also keeping an eye on the emerging markets.

In this video, Shubhra Srivastava discussing about changing market segment.

Shubhra Srivastava is Co-Founder and Director at GaragePlug. GaragePlug is a SaaS based solution for automobile repair workshop. Garageplug  has enabled 150+ garages and around 200+ customers.

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