Promo on Category Creation in SaaS Business

There are thousands of successful SaaS businesses on the market, but only a few have earned the title of “Category Creator”. Category Creation is not about progressively improving what already exists. It is about identifying a problem and doing a better job than anyone else. Otherwise understand, express and resolve it.

We are joined by Khadim Batti of Whatfix and Sanjoe Jose of Talview in this episode of the ongoing Value SaaS Series. Here they about Category Creation and what it take to do the same.

Great category creators not only design and promote a vital category but focus their passion and resources on creating a society that is dedicated to solving the problem of a category. They then deliver a compelling product that the ecosystem loves and can quickly adopt, dominating their markets and placing themselves as leaders in the ecosystem that praises them and provides them with amazing synergy opportunities.

SaaS is a unique and evolving industry that requires special attention when the time to sell. How to value SaaS is perhaps one of the hottest and ambiguous discussions among small business owners, investors, and advisors.

Value SaaS Series specializes in businesses extant in their path to 1st million. They bootstrap or raise tiny external investments. During this period, they iterate rapidly to create a growth engine for scaling to $10Mn and beyond. By accessing & deploying founder-ownership friendly capital, they grow chop-chop and thrive.




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