Promo on Mergers and Acquisition of B2B Startup


This exciting promo features Vijay Rayapati and Prasanna who will be discussing on Acquisition of B2B Startup. In a startup, marketing is a cost-effective way to grow your customer base and build your brand. You need not spend a lot of capital on expensive ads. Brands are becoming more creative in engaging their customers. It can be difficult for B2B and business-intensive businesses to compete and stand out with brands.

You must figure out your audience and develop targeted strategy to attract the attention of companies. So, you can better serve community and deliver your product to a wider audience. You must determine what kind of customers you are looking for by creating the ideal customer profile.

Once you do this, you can reach out to these prospects and qualify them as appropriate. In my experience, qualification is the most important part of the sales process. Qualifying can help you understand your customer’s potential needs and determine your services.

In this video, Vijay Rayapati and  Prasanna Krishanamoorthy  are discussing about the Acquisition of B2B startup. Stay tuned for the episode featuring the stars of the B2B ecosystem and Vijay is an example of meaning founder outcomes.

Vijay Rayapati  is the general manager of Nutanix and  Prasanna Krishanamoorthy  is the CEO at Upekkha Accelerator. Nutanix is  multi-cloud management solutions to help businesses optimize cloud consumption costs and improve security compliance.

Value SaaS Series focus on businesses that are on their way to the first million. They introduce or increase small external investments to generate recurring revenue. During this period iterates quickly to create a recurring revenue to scale to $ 10 million or more. They grow and prosper rapidly by accessing and deploying founder-owned capital.                            

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