Part 2 of SaaS Endgame and Mergers and Acquisitions

In this video, Vijay Rayapati and  Prasanna Krishanamoorthy  are discussing about Mergers and acquisitions. What next after that? How do founders who have had meaningful exits give back or pay it forward. What is Vijay Rayapati committing to? Does helping other founders is part of his future plans.

Vijay Rayapati  is Founder and CEO at Minjar Cloud Solutions and he is also the General Manager at Nutanix. Vijay has done B.E Computer Science Engineering from Osmania University. Minjar is a fast-growing, cloud-based platform provider that collaborates with business customers to manage their cloud and transform operations.

Prasanna Krishanamoorthy is the CEO at Upekkha Accelerator. At Upekkha, they work with B2B SaaS startups to get you into a valley of death with predictable, scalable, and profitable growth. Whether you want to build a $ 10 million revenue store or another 1B SaaS unicorn, we’ll help you speed up.

Mergers and Acquisitions are considered a very complex financial theme. This is a type of business alliance used by companies to diversify or develop their businesses. Typical mergers and acquisitions will have many complex tax, legal and synergistic issues. Although M&A is currently a generic term, M&A is a completely different business combination.

Value SaaS Series focus on businesses that are on their way to the first million. They introduce or increase small external investments to generate recurring revenue. During this period iterates quickly to create a recurring revenue to scale to $ 10 million or more. They grow and prosper rapidly by accessing and deploying founder-owned capital.

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