How to do Data Analysis to improve Sales Cycle


The term ‘sales cycle’ refers to the time, when the lead is generated, and sale takes place. Sales data analytics is the practice of generating reports on sales data, trends, and metrics. This type of analytics sets goals and predict future sales performance. So, can we use Data Analysis to improve Sales Cycle?

Best practices for sales analytics are closely link all activities to determine revenue and set goals. Companies that implement customer data models help marketing and sales teams to predict which goals are leading.

They can confirm which customers to focus on, with realising customer profiles and offers to form out. They always use activity data to get sales training information.

In this video, Sudarshan Ravi is discussing about the characteristics of Ideal customer Persona. He also discusses how Data Analysis to improve Sales Cycle

Sudarshan Ravi is the founder of RippleHire. RippleHire is a SAAS based employee distribution solution. Its goal is to ensure recruitment without effort and pleasure. It helps HR and TA leaders in businesses influence the top line by allowing hiring best practices. It helps organizations build a search engine that provides quality talent that is thrilled to join.

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