Rajinikanth and his dialogues and the lessons

Rajinikanth is rightly called Thalaivar – A leader. He is revered as a hero not only because of profession but also in real life. Moreover his simplicity and austerity earned him a cult following all over India. He being so inspiring, it’s not surprising that we take lesson from Rajinikanth and his dialogues often.

“If I say something once, its equivalent to saying it a hundred times.” Through Rajinikanth and his dialogues PC Bala emphasizes the importance of clarity and integrity. Lack of these principles might lead to the downfall of even well established entities.

First we need to have an understanding of why and for what are we endeavouring. Second, we should be able to commit to that resolve with determination. We just cannot say words for the sake of them. Every word uttered is a promise to stakeholders that cannot be broken.

P.C. Bala Subramanian is a Chartered Accountant by profession, who later on Co-founded Matrix Business Services. Further he is also an Author, Speaker, Bibliophile, cricket lover and movie buff. Being an ardent admirer of Rajnikanth he authored best sellers like Rajini’s Panchatantra and Grand Brand Rajini.  Meanwhile he also contributes business articles in news papers.

You can watch and learn more Rajinikanth and his dialogues here at Brand Rajini

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