Gujarati – The features of the PoSh Act of 2013

The features of the PoSh Act of 2013 || 2013 ના પો.એચ.એસ. એક્ટ

આ અધિનિયમ કાર્યસ્થળ, સુરક્ષા અને નિવારણ અધિનિયમ 2013 પર મહિલાઓના જાતીય સતામણીની રોકથામ છે. તેનો હેતુ જાતીય સતામણીને ઓળખવા અને અટકાવવા અને નિવારણ માટે યોગ્ય મંચ પૂરા પાડવાનો છે.
2013 ના પોષ એક્ટની સુવિધાઓ

PoSh Act of 2013

This article in Gujarati is all about The features of the PoSh Act of 2013

The act is the prevention of sexual harassment of women at workplace, protection and redressal Act 2013. It aims to identify and prevent sexual harassment and provide a proper forum for redressal. 

The features of the PoSh Act of 2013

  • It mandates the organization of more than 10 employees to have an ICC. Failure to do so results in heavy penalties.
  • The organization is required to have a prevention policy of sexual harassment.
  • Also, it outlines the establishment of the ICC and training required for members and employees
  • In addition, it defines the employer as someone who is at the management, control and supervision level.
  • It also defines sexual harassment, proper channels to report it and how the ICC will conduct the matter.

Sexual harassment is described as any unwelcome act of behaviour which is direct or implication. Examples include showing pornography, requiring sexual favour and creating an unhealthy environment for employees. The names and contact details of ICC members should be made available to all employees.

Sohini Mandal is a lawyer who has been involved with the PoSh act 2013 when it was just a bill.  Watch more n the same in English.