Part Two of Value SaaS on founder outcomes

Meaningful founder outcomes refers to  being able to control and make your own choices even if that choice is to exit. Rajan says by focusing on the process,  outcomes will happen. Exiting with huge profit might be luring but when and how it has to happen must be well thought of.

Apart from that Rajan talks about standing out by quoting Seth Godin. ‘You have to be remarkable, otherwise you are invisible.’ Through this he explains about sticking to one particular path, Effectuation and peer learning. How similar are entrepreneurs and scientists? How to make things simpler? How to choose between investment and control capacity?

Our mentor Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan answers all the above questions and explains the concept of meaningful founder outcomes. He is currently a partner in Upekka, a value SaaS Company. Moreover, he is also a co-founder of Start-up Bridge India which encourages cross border business for start-ups. He is also an expert in product management and an innovation leader.

Value SaaS Series focus on businesses surviving in their path to first million. They bootstrap or raise tiny external investments. During this period they iterate rapidly to create a growth engine for scaling to $10Mn and beyond. By accessing & deploying founder-ownership friendly capital, they grow rapidly and thrive.

Organization that is able to make $1 of revenue through less than $1 of spend is a Value SaaS Business. Veeva, Zoho, MailChimp, Atlassian, BrowserStack, even SalesForce, are all Value SaaS startups – they made more than $1 Mn ARR with less than $1Mn in spend.