Rajinikanth and his Movies and Dialogues

Rajinikanth is rightly called Thalaivar – A leader. He is revered as a hero not only because of profession but also in real life. Moreover his simplicity and austerity earned him a cult following all over India. This video is about inspiring management mantra from Rajinikanth and his movies.

“The mere mention of name causes tremors.” Rajinikanth and his movies are famous for path breaking dialogues and philosophies. PC Bala illustrates us on what kind of brand image our company should strive to create. Branding is a crucial step as it affects how customers perceive our company. Further he says that each and every person is a brand and it is our duty to make ours stronger than our competitors. Moreover our brand should be so valuable to customers that they would buy without second thoughts.

P.C. Bala Subramanian is a Chartered Accountant by profession, who later on Co-founded Matrix Business Services. Further he is also an Author, Speaker, Bibliophile, cricket lover and movie buff. Being an ardent admirer of Rajnikanth and his movies, he authored best sellers like Rajini’s Panchatantra and Grand Brand Rajini.  Meanwhile he also contributes business articles in news papers.

You can watch the series here and watch more dialogues.

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