Design guidance for early stage founder

UI and UX build relationships between product and customer. Hence it is the responsibility of UI and UX designer to make this experience painless and enjoyable. But often there won’t be any designer on the founding team. It could be stressful for technical founder to find right design guidance for early stage founder  from his new hire. Communicating context of our business and product is also vital to the new design team.

How to understand the thinking before creating a UI and UX? How to tap your network to find the right person for design guidance? What are the credible sources to refer on the internet? How to merge our product and design thinking?

Our mentor Jay Dutta gives us design guidance for early stage founder when there is no design member available on the founding team. He is an alumnus of NID, worked as a UX designer for giants like Flipkart, Adobe and MakeMyTrip. Additionally, he co-founded UX design start-up and curator for various UI related conferences.

The video is part of Start-up 101 series which acts as a user friendly manual to budding entrepreneurs. Here our team of experts and mentors answers all your startup confusions. Moreover they strengthen your basics, before manoeuvring your way through nuances of start ups.

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