Wealth for Women and its importance

In a country where almost half of the population is female, there still exist money taboo. Wealth for women is a rarely discussed topic, though women are experts in managing their family finances and budgets. Ironically women are more in need of this talk, for they live longer and earn less than their male counterparts.

In this video, Tanya Singhal explains how women can retire peacefully by saving at right places. She says it’s vital that we women initiated these discussions with a trusted friend or a professional. Moreover, it’s high time we broke this reluctance and made sure our future is properly invested.

Tanya is keen to help other women by begin their financial journey by Payingitforward. You can reach out to her by using this google form

Why the concept of wealth for women is considered uncomfortable and impolite? Whom do we talk to about future investments and savings? Is it too personal to have finance talks with our peers? How to make informed decisions in this maze of financial advice?

To answer these questions we bring Wealth series and provide guidance in creating wealth for women. We cater experiences and lessons from wise women who have been there and done that. Here you can learn about managing finances of either your company or your personal or household ones.

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