On Fermented Foods and Idlis by an Expert

Fermentation of food has been brought down through ancient days as a technique for preserving food. Fermented foods have been known for health benefits like better digestion. Not just that also, weight loss and immunity. Hence we often use fermented foods like yogurt, tempeh, kimchi etc. But it is proven fact that not all of them are good for our body. Therefore it is our responsibility to learn about the benefits and risks involved.

What are most commonly fermented foods? Which ones are safe for your health? Are there really any health benefits by consuming Fermented foods and idlis, Beer etc as few claim? Or is it all a myth?

In this video Ravi Mantha explains us about the pros and cons of fermented foods and idlis. He is a healer, angel investor, farmer, author, public speaker, political advisor, and poet.  He is co-founder of Sage Sustainable Living and Baby Elephant Permaculture Farm where he grows food using organic permaculture. He authored The Baby elephant diet and All about Bacteria

All we want to be is healthy and happy, where former depends on the latter. Although we try to achieve all our health goals, new questions pop every time. And we have no credible answers available when necessary. Hence we bring you our health series with the right information from the right sources.