Startup 101 Hiring Series – Elements of Different Functions of a Startup

A company or business is a blend of numerous operations and actions. Pallav explains us how we got to tune different functions of a startup around needs and satisfaction of customers. Needless to say absence or inefficiency of any one department would fail our bigger picture. A start-up is not an exception to this. Moreover, he illustrates why it doesn’t work the other way round.

What is the difference between a hobby and a business? What are the different functions of a startup and their role in the overall success of the entity? How our founder’s professional background and choices affect these decisions? How to identify the functions that provide value for money to customers? What are the kinds of functions or departments do you have in your startups. Do write to us about the same.

In the video our mentor Pallav Nadhani helps us to understand different functions of a start-up.  He became a successful entrepreneur at 17 of Data Presentation Company Fusion charts. Back then he started out operations of company single handed and now employs around 100 others. A prolific speaker and huge supporter of upcoming entrepreneurs.

The idea of Start-up 101 series is to give a head start for budding entrepreneurs. Here are solutions for hundreds of questions you ever had and even for one’s you haven’t thought of yet. Moreover we have condensed huge experience of various mentors and founders into a handy, user-friendly manual.

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