How to acheive Personal Goals through OKR

We all tend to write down personal goals to achieve on New Year’s Eve only to give up on them later on. Needless to say even at personal front, it’s difficult to accomplish goals without productive actions. Hence the need arises to establish OKRs for personal use. Objective Key Results (OKRs) is a management strategy that helps people and organisations achieve clear and specific goals.

OKR for personal use refers to small habit forming steps that will eventually result in significant and tangible outcomes. Moreover this process involves to-do lists in a definite time frame and constant tracking of their execution and results.

What are OKRs about and not about? Can we make use of this strategy for daily mundane tasks? How to make our personal goals and objectives simple and measurable? How to focus our energies on the right things in order to achieve our aspirations?

In this video Vidya Santhanam illustrates us what, why, when, how and much more about OKR for personal goals. She is co-founder of Fitbots, a SAAS platform for performance management and engagement check-ins. Vidya believes in scaling not only team and their mindsets but also oneself. Moreover she has huge corporate experience in performance management and recognition practices.

Watch about using OKR for organisations here

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