What is Phishing and why you need to be aware

Phishing primarily refers to fooling individuals into wilfully revealing their confidential information like credit card details, user ID and bank passwords. Since hackers pose as legitimate entities to achieve this, victims fall for the act pretty easily. Moreover they trick users into clicking fraudulent links on emails or install malware or redirect website to a forged one. Needless to say it is the most simple yet dangerous cybercrime out there.

How hard is it to break our passwords? How phishing makes use of our psychological vulnerabilities? What are various common techniques involved in phishing? How can we be more vigilant?

Manjula Sridhar  is Co-founder of ArgByte, US Incorporated cyber security consulting firm. She is also an endurance athlete, volunteer and public speaker and coaches pre entrepreneurs. Moreover she researched and filed several patents and worked for Lucent and Bosch Telecom. Manjula also provides services pro-bono for students through ArgByte.

The Internet could be termed virtual for namesake but here risks are very much real.  Internet has become our generation’s boon. At the same time cyber crime, privacy and online security became a serious fix. Be it mobiles, laptops or any electronic device, when connected to a network can be hacked and violated.  Hence we bring you our Security series to help you stay mindful online and tread carefully through this maze. Join us and learn all about passwords, privacy, end-to-end encryption, VPNs and much more.

You can also watch the episode Being Safe Online to know more about online safety.

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