Importance of grooming with Namrata G

In this competitive world, it is vital that we make our mark right in the first meeting as we might not get second chances. Most corporates go forward with classes on etiquette. They also talk about the importance of grooming. Needless to say well groomed person will make a better impression than someone who isn’t.

Grooming essentially means taking care of how we dress and look. Dressing well doesn’t mean following latest fads. It is about having a good sense of what suits us the best. Personal hygiene and well fitting attire will exude confidence and elegance. Not to mention these have to be combined with good socializing and behavioural skills.

Does grooming mean being trendy and up to date with fashion? How to feel good about ourselves inside and out? How important is it to conduct yourself and behave well? How much time we have to expend for grooming?

In this video Namrata G explains to us the importance of Grooming. She is renowned fashion designer with the same brand name based in Bangalore. She has participated and held over a 50 fashion shows in the past two decades. Further she has also been giving guidance to individuals on fashion, image, grooming and much more. She believes in self love and inspires us to derive our confidence from it.

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