Wardrobe Essentials for Men

In today’s world how we dress and behave speaks volumes about our personality. Needless to say we cannot afford not knowing wardrobe essentials for men from hair to toe. But often it’s overwhelming to figure out where to start. Moreover Dressing well doesn’t mean following the latest fads. It is about having a good sense of what suits us the best.

Though trends changes from time to time, being classy never goes out of fashion. So are few wardrobe essentials for men, which are truly timeless. When we invest well and get our foundations of dressing up right, other things can be negotiable.

What are absolute wardrobe essentials for men? How to declutter our wardrobe and refill it? How to feel good about what we wear?

In this video Namrata G illustrates us on the same. She is a renowned fashion designer with the same brand name based in Bangalore. She has participated and held over a 50 fashion shows in the past two decades. Further she has also been giving guidance to individuals on fashion, image, grooming and much more. She believes in self love and inspires us to derive our confidence from it.

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