Kiran Mazumdar Shaw and lessons in Entrepreneurship

“Failure is temporary, but giving up is final”. – Kiran Mazumdar.

We were often told that Business is a man’s domain. Likewise share of Women in Entrepreneurship is less than 15% though our female population is about 48%. But in the past few decades we have seen few “sheroes” who challenged norms with lots of grit and passion. They are self-made women who ceaselessly strengthened our next generation of female entrepreneurs.

One among them is Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, CMD, Biocon Limited, a business which was valued in billions at first IPO and Chairman Syngene International. She is first generation entrepreneur who went on to be on Forbes World’s 100 Most Powerful Women with a Networth of 3.1B$.

Kiran Mazumdar started her journey as brew master and came a long way to a pioneer in highly regulated industry of biotechnology. She calls herself an accidental entrepreneur who made brave choices when India wasn’t ready for a female brewer. In her 40 years of business journey she has braved credibility issues, the gender bias, the risk unconventional career field and much more.

In this video Kiran Mazumdar encourages us to take uncharted path. She teaches us management lessons on credibility and profitability. she also talks about investment in R&D, business partnerships and establishing independence. Moreover, she talks about the toughest business decisions, people management, philanthropy and affordable healthcare in India.

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