All about WhatsApp Encryption


We have never heard of a WhatsApp account getting hacked. That is because Whatsapp encryption, which enables only the message sender and the receiver to read the text. This avoids unwanted snooping from any third person even from government and WhatsApp itself. Moreover this end to end encryption happens right on our phones not on servers. On the other hand we have to beware of malicious applications on our device itself which can read and change the content.

What is Whatsapp Encryption?

Manjula Sridhar is Co-founder of ArgByte, US Incorporated cybersecurity consulting firm. She is also an endurance athlete, volunteer, and public speaker and coaches pre entrepreneurs. Moreover, she researched and filed several patents and worked for Lucent and Bosch Telecom. Manjula also provides services pro-bono for students through ArgByte.

The Internet could be termed virtual for namesake but here risks are very much real. The Internet has become our generation’s boon. At the same time cybercrime, privacy, and online security became a serious fix. Be it mobiles, laptops or any electronic device, when connected to a network can be hacked and violated. Hence we bring you our Security Series to help you stay mindful online and tread carefully through this maze. Join us and learn all about passwords, privacy, end-to-end encryption, VPNs and much more.


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