When Mars Meets Venus

When Mars Meets Venus

Sometime back, when we released our new series on Personal Finance, one of them was a discussion amongst women about money. We aimed to bring out the attitude of women towards money, get them thinking on reserve funds and also break the myth that women do not discuss money. Interestingly, Anurag Mathur, gives us a view from Mars and also shares how his Myth about Women and Money were either debunked or proved.

Anurag gives us an interesting perspective on the ‘tradition’ of women handing over money matters to men. Anurag says, “I have always felt that Money is a GOAL for men whereas for women, it is a MEANS to a goal. I started watching the episode, ‘Women on Money’, and thought it could be just another group of educated women generally chatting about their lives, money and future; except that it wasn’t. It was a curated group that was exploring and discovering with and for each other (and by extension for the audience) a set of very useful points to ponder.”

Here are few beliefs that the show debunked or proved, in Anurag’s views.

Women Love Spending

Don’t laugh! I knew they do, just that it didn’t cross my mind to link this with their fiscal habits, so the linkage was a learning (blame it on a different set of morose chromosomes!)

Women Need Security

I believe that Women need security and would not take undue risks even for a very short term. And this is validated by the group’s abhorrence for credit cards even though they are safer in a fraud situation. With a credit card theft, the total liability cannot exceed the limit whereas a debit card hacker could take away ALL your savings!

Women Are More Disciplined

The need to creatively save came up time and again throughout the discussion( ” I can get that haircut somewhere else too”, “We will do vacations but we will do backpacking vacation”) and to me it showed up as a strong discipline.

Women Love Travel

Yes, I knew it. I have observed this with a lot of women I interact.

Women Do Not Discuss Investments

This is a very critical opinion I had about women. And am glad I see the change in this discussion. Still, this is something that needs to be worked upon – even on TV shows women are mostly being talked down to by male “experts”

Women Have A Conservative View on Investments

To clarify, it is not just a woman trait. A lot of men are conservative about investments too. But I have observed that women think of Form 16 as something that forces saving. The trouble however with that is except ELSS Schemes, most “tax planning schemes” are extremely poor off in returns and you are actually better off investing in a mutual fund and avoiding those schemes from the returns point of view.

Also, there are better ways to create a six month reserve fund. For example.  Liquid Funds and Shorts offer 7% more than any FD.

Do you agree with Anurag? Do write in your thoughts on this in the comments section.


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