Financial & GST Compliance for a Startup


Compliance is making sure our enterprise, employees, and business practices are done in accordance with legal and regulatory provisions. But this checklist could get huge and often cumbersome. Hence we need proper guidance and expert opinion to keep our compliances and goodwill intact. On the other hand, not adhering to Financial & GST Compliance could lead to interest, penalties, etc.

How to ensure that Financial & GST Compliance is up-to-date in my enterprise? What is the role of internal financial controls in achieving this? Is there a need to appoint consultants for compliances? How do they differ for sole-proprietor and firms and companies? What are the consequences of non-compliance? What are digital applications and other resources available for me to keep track of legal and regulatory issues? What is the role of our government in ensuring Financial & GST Compliance? 

Our First expert Cheruku Srikanth is the founder & CEO of Fin-tech business IDOS Corp. They provide cost-effective & efficient solutions for bookkeeping along with Financial & GST Compliance primarily for small and medium businesses. Our second expert Swarna Gowri is a Chartered Accountant with huge corporate exposure in Auditing and Internal Controls.  In conversation with Prathibha Sastry on this important aspect of a startup.


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