B2B Marketing Strategies for SaaS Startups

Almitra Karnik of CleverTap and Shekar Nair of Upekkha, both seasoned professionals with extensive experience in B2B marketing for startups in the US and India, share their insights on marketing strategies tailored for SaaS companies. Shekar Nair also discusses how Upekkha supports startups in their growth journeys.

Drawing from their vast experience, Karnik and Nair offer valuable insights on how startups can find success in the competitive SaaS landscape. Karnik emphasizes that marketing can be a revenue-generating department for SaaS startups when approached strategically. Nair highlights Upekkha’s unique approach to supporting SaaS startups and the importance of peer mentoring for founders’ growth.

The two experts also cover the fundamentals of B2B marketing for SaaS companies, as well as the need to encourage more women to enter the field of entrepreneurship. They explore the initiatives Upekkha is taking to promote female leadership within the industry.

As software continues to dominate the global market, SaaS is rapidly becoming the new standard. With Indian Value SaaS companies poised to outperform their international counterparts, B2B marketing strategies shared by experts like Karnik and Nair are crucial for the success of SaaS startups worldwide.

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