ThePSShow Authors and Their Books

Self Publishing Video Tips

The main focus is Self Publishing in this videos is how to without the assistance of a publisher.

  • Efficient way of writing faster
  • Importance of Marketing
  • Pricing
  • Use of Social Media

Glimpses of the Books


PC Bala is a CA by profession and current CEO of Matrix India, an author, speaker, a huge movie buff and an avid cricket lover. Bala’s love for Super star Rajnikanth has led him to derive entrepreneurship and branding lessons from his movie dialogues. “Brand Rajini”, “Rajini’s Punchtantra”, “Ready,Steady,Exit” have emerged as best sellers.


Febin is a coder, hacker, Founder and huge block chain, Crypto currencies and AI enthusiast. His book “Cloud is a piece of cake” won accolades from new generation entrepreneurs and newbies in Cloud computing. He is an expert in breaking down complex technical topics into layman terms.


Karthik Srinivasan is Communication professional and has worked with ventures like Flipkart and Edelman. With over two decades of experience in digital marketing, public relations, building perceptions and branding. He bring this expertise by authoring brand building guide to individuals “Be Social”. In this book he talks about influencing through YOU as a personal brand


Ravi Mantha is a healer, organic farmer, Health guru, green activist, writer and India’s leading wellness expert. He is also the founder of various entities working for Sustainable development. In his book “The Baby elephant diet: A modern Indian guide to eating right” and “All about Bacteria” Ravi explains about understanding the human body and breaks numerous myths around chronic illnesses, diet and lifestyle.


Sangeetha Sumesh is a CA and CMA by profession. Apart from that she is a speaker, bestselling author, Business coach and Financial growth enabler currently working as CFO for Dun & Bradsheet. Her book “What the Finance” assists businesses to overcome all their finance related bottlenecks. Moreover she has also authored a suspense thriller ‘A Glance at the Unknown.

Thiyagarajan. M

A product Manager, currently partner at Upekkha has written about a guide to Value SaaS Business. This guide is for early stage SaaS Founders. This will help in their journey to their first Ten Thousand Dollars in recurring Revenue.


Ushasi is primarily Freelance writer and a copy writer who is currently editor-in-chief of Siyawoman. She has always been an avid reader and started her path breaking writing after she became a mother. Ushasi’s self published book Kathputli is set in 1940 s Bengal has acquired excellent reviews from readers all over.