How to build a Startup Product from scratch - The Prathibha Sastry Show

How to build a Startup Product from scratch


This is how to build a Startup Product. The initial stages are actually difficult for an entrepreneur. If you have an idea but feel stuck with where to start to implement the idea. Here are the steps that would give you the nudge. This video list the items and gets you into action. . 

Prasanna Krishnamoorthy, founder of Upekkha shares with us the lifecycle of a product development. From ideation to release.

Follow this space, for our Startup101 Series where the experts answer questions that any entrepreneur typically has. For instance

From how to pitch an idea

How to calculate market size 

Legal steps to recruiting your initial team

To marketing challenges to acquisition, we have asked them everything.

 Answered by Founders, CEOs, Mentors and those who are part of Indian Startup Ecosystem We have handpicked not just few but hundreds of questions just for you. A definitive startup manual might be non-existent so therefore we have the FAQs covered.

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