Importance of Building Lean Features

Success and growth are intertwined when it comes to SaaS products. While achieving success is important, sustaining it requires consistent growth. To reduce the time it takes to develop a SaaS product, it’s recommended to use discovery-based planning that involves tests and experiments, rather than complicated planning. Iterative design, focusing on lean features and continuous iteration, is preferable over traditional development phases.

Kalyan Verma, Co-Founder and CEO at Almabase, stresses the importance of building lean features in this video. As engineers, the initial instinct is often to build more features. However, it’s essential to analyze the data and determine which features are working and which are not. Entrepreneurship is a characteristic management process, but traditional methods only work when the problem and solution are known. Today, SaaS product design is more situational, as the problems are often not known beforehand.

In conclusion, building lean features is crucial for success and growth in SaaS products. By embracing iterative design and continuous iteration, SaaS companies can achieve sustainable success and growth.

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