Cash Management for Entrepreneurs

Start-ups need to master cash management to maintain financial stability and investor confidence. Unfortunately, many young entrepreneurs struggle in this area. It’s crucial to recognize that profit and cash flow are not the same, and during the early stages, keeping track of expenses can be overwhelming, especially when the founder is handling everything. Without proper management, a start-up can quickly run out of cash.

In this video, Sangeeta Sumesh, a Chartered and Management Accountant and the ED & CFO of Dun & Bradsheet Technologies, shares her CASH acronym for mastering cash flow management: Collect, Forecast, Monitor, and Preserve systematically. To develop good cash management skills, entrepreneurs need discipline and habitual control. Fortunately, Sangeeta has an easy-to-remember acronym to help them stay on track.

In addition to her role as a CFO and CA, Sangeeta is a high-performance coach, author of finance books like “What the Finance” and “A Glance at the Unknown,” a start-up advisor, and professional speaker. She has international experience working for foreign multinationals and completed an executive education program at Harvard Business School. When she’s not working, Sangeeta loves to travel and is a skilled Olympic distance triathlete.

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