GST Compliance for a Startup

Ensuring Financial & GST Compliance Compliance is a crucial aspect of running any business in India. It involves ensuring that all business practices and employees are in accordance with legal and regulatory provisions. Failure to adhere to Financial & GST Compliance can lead to hefty interest, penalties, and other negative consequences. Hence, it is important … Read more

Importance of Compliance for Entrepreneurs

Importance of compliance can be perceived by clearly defining our duty towards stakeholders. Compliance primarily means adhering to all necessary rules. Not just that also to abide by guidelines. Relevant to both under product quality and financial perspective. Founders and employees must understand the importance of compliance from very early stage of start-up. On the … Read more

Profit Maximisation for Entrepreneurs by Expert

Entrepreneurial education is crucial for success strategies in India, and one of the core objectives for entrepreneurs is profit maximization. Sangeetha Sumesh, a Chartered Accountant and Management Accountant, has outlined five simple steps to achieve this goal: revenue generation, cost reduction, financial discipline, adherence to compliances, and best practices in the industry. To generate revenue, … Read more

Financial Goals for Entrepreneurs

The pursuit of profit is the primary objective of any business, making financial goals critical for success. In India, entrepreneurs need to develop clear-cut and practical financial goals to ensure the success of their organizations. These goals act as a reality check and help measure progress, as founders are answerable to investors and other stakeholders … Read more

Cash Management for Entrepreneurs

Start-ups need to master cash management to maintain financial stability and investor confidence. Unfortunately, many young entrepreneurs struggle in this area. It’s crucial to recognize that profit and cash flow are not the same, and during the early stages, keeping track of expenses can be overwhelming, especially when the founder is handling everything. Without proper … Read more