Guidance for Design in Early-Stage Startups

Designers are an essential and highly sought-after profession in tech startups and companies. There are various types of designers with distinct roles that often overlap in some way. Two crucial design features are user experience (UX) and user interface (UI), which although can be performed by one designer, have distinct differences.

The role of a user experience designer involves conducting user research to understand consumer needs and preferences, creating prototypes, and testing product functionality. Conversely, the user interface designer is primarily concerned with the product’s visual elements, such as aesthetics, color schemes, and layouts.

Jay Dutta, Senior Vice President, UX Design at, shares his insights on how startups can approach UX/UI design, particularly when they lack a designer on their team. He advises avoiding getting distracted by flashy visuals on popular designer websites and instead focusing on understanding the relationship between product thinking and design. Seeking mentorship or brainstorming ideas with friends can also be helpful.

Jay Dutta is an experienced design mentor who collaborates with startups to help them leverage design in their businesses. is an online travel company that provides travel packages, including flight and bus tickets, hotel information, and more, to customers within India and internationally.

This video is part of our Start-up 101 series, which serves as a user-friendly manual for budding entrepreneurs. Our team of experts and mentors is here to answer all your startup questions and strengthen your basics before guiding you through the nuances of starting a successful business.