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PS: NEXT.Women - September 14th 2019

Topics for the Day

Topic: Aha! The Moment in Wealth Creation – Tanya Singhal


About theTopic:  She recently had an Aha moment with her mutual fund investments which she would like to share. Although she is no financial expert, this learning reinstated some basic fundas of inflation, how money in a savings account does not create wealth and compounding, all key learnings, which she wishes she had known and acted on earlier. This will help others like her to learn how to make their hard earned money grow. It will be one hell of an Aha! moment!


Topic: Breakthrough Negotiation – Chendil Kumar


About the Topic: Negotiation is the art of letting the other person have your way. In this masterclass, you will learn how to create value in negotiation and deal with difficult negotiators.


Topic : Heartful Networking – Srijata Bhatnagar


About the Topic: Having a network isn’t enough unless you know how to utilize to get to the next level in your career and life. This masterclass is designed to help you learn how to turn your network into your networth, by applying the principles of heartful networking. With a dash of quirky experiential stories and exercises. Go on, embrace yourself for this fun-filled learning.

Tanya Singhal

Tanya is a certified business continuity professional with a background in program management. She has over 20 years corporate experience, most recently with Fidelity Investments, Bangalore – leading the business continuity program.

Tanya is passionate about understanding women’s financial goals and helping them achieve these by investing in mutual funds. Although no financial expert, she shares her own investing experience (success and mistakes) for others to benefit from. She has an MBA from IIM-Bangalore, is CBCI certified and an ISO 22301 Professional.

Tanya is keen to help other women by begin their financial journey by Payingitforward. 

T Chendil Kumar (CK)

About T Chendil Kumar (CK): For over 20 years, CK has been a much sought after speaker in diverse forums like leadership summits of Fortune 100 companies, five TEDx forums in India and Dubai and international and national conferences of service organisations like Rotary and Lions.

Speaking on “Influence without Authority” and “Change- Do We Have a Choice” to corporate audiences, CK makes a compelling case for Change-readiness and the importance of personal pillar in influencing skills. Contemporary examples, best practices across industries and anecdotes make his talks gripping and relatable. His unique skill lies in using humour without diluting or trivialising the content.

CK enjoys talking about humour and has presented a paper on Humor in business at the American Association of Therapeutic Humor (AATH) in Chicago in 2011.

He has spoken in multiple forums on the importance of Humor in enhancing productivity and improving relationships. He has conducted several Humor workshops in India, UAE, Malaysia and USA titled ‘STAND UP, SPEAK UP and SHUT UP’ by making the participants attempt Humor on stage with constructive feedback.

Srijata Bhatnagar

Srijata is an Entrepreneur and a Professional Speaker, who has inspired more than 10,000 people through her Talks, Videos, Quotes and more. Her talks are friendly, high energy, full of humour and interesting life experiences that will make your team learn playfully and inspire them to become the best version of themselves.

Having turned an entrepreneur from being an employee, she comes with perspectives from both sides of the coin. After 16+ years of industry experience and building two businesses, speaking and coaching numerous businesses and individuals she is a repository of transformational knowledge. 

Using engaging real-life stories, fun incidents, embarrassing self-deprecating humour, personal life experiences, even painful setbacks, she leads businesses and individuals to rise up beyond their fears, doubts and limiting beliefs, and achieve a 360-degree success in their respective profession and lives. 

Each of her talks is driven by clear outcomes, where the audience go through a self-discovery and realization, willing to look at their capabilities in a different light, ready to replace old unproductive habits with new productive ones. 

Being a seasoned entrepreneur and an advanced life coach, Srijata shares her unique, empowering and powerful take on success to enthusiastic audiences. 

She is known as the “Iron Lady” who can cry too. Make sure to ask her why is this name… there is a very interesting story behind this unusual title!