Choosing the Right Tech Co-Founder: Lessons from Pallav Nadhani’s Experience

Identifying Technical -Co-founder

During a conversation about selecting a suitable tech co-founder for a startup, Pallav Nadhani highlights the importance of finding an ideal partner, akin to choosing a life partner. He recommends looking for someone with whom you have prior work experiences, such as a college friend or former colleague. You could even look at an employee who may be elevated to this position.

The ideal tech co-founder should be a reliable individual who will persevere through the ups and downs of running a startup. Rather than selecting someone solely for their technical skills, it’s crucial to find; a co-founder who complements your brand while understanding their strengths and weaknesses. They should be able to maintain a strong working relationship even amidst disagreements.

As the Co-founder and CEO of FusionCharts and CEO of Collabion, Nadhani has over a decade of experience in building successful teams.

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